200 50 Caliber Paintless Paintballs

200 50 Caliber Paintless Paintballs


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200  Paintless Paintballs in Each Bag

What make LazerBall 50 Caliber  Paintless Paintballs different than other Paintless Paintballs?

Every LazerBall 50 Caliber Reusable Paintless Paintball:

  • is custom molded
  • is a Low Impact Paintball
  • can be shot hundreds of times!
  • creates less barrel drag that other reusable paintballs
  • provides a longer, straighter flight
  • provides increased accuracy (you hit what you shoot at!)
  • are great for Paintball Team Practice
  • are great for Paintball Target Shooting
  • has no paintball paint mess to clean up

Other Features of the LazerBall 50 Cal Low Impact Paintless Paintball

  • Can be fired through any 50 Caliber Paintball Gun or Marker
  • Causes Less Bruising Standard than 68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs
  • Inflicts Less Pain than 68 Cal Reusable Paintballs (because they are a Low Impact Reusable Paintball)
  • Includes Care and Use Instructions
  • Cost Less to Shoot (a big plus for Paintball Fields and Family Entertainment Centers )
  • are reusable over and over again!

The LazerBall Paintless Paintball formula creates a 50 Cal Reusable Paintless Paintball that can be fired again and again with great accuracy through any 50 Caliber Paintball Gun or Marker.

Most Importantly, the 50 Caliber Paintless Paintball is Low Impact Paintball Game and are ideal for Family Entertainment Centers, Roller Rinks and Bowling Alleys that feature Low Impact Paintball Games

Have a Question about 50 Cal  Paintless Paintballs or how to incorporate in your paintball field or FEC, give us a call at 304-893-6286 or Send your question by Email or Use our Instant Support.

We are here the help!

Like all LazerBall Reusable Products, All 50 Caliber LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs carry an Unconditional, 30 Day, No B.S. Money Back Guarantee!

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