Hit Tracker Score Keeping For Nerf with LEDs "NEW!"

Hit Tracker Nerf Score Keeping Vest with Super Brite LEDS

  • Shot with Nerf Darts & Nerf Balls
  • Works with all Nerf Balls, Nerf Darts, Airsoft, 50 & 68 Cal Reusable Paintballs & Bazooka Balls

Hit Tracker Nerf Score Keeping Vest With LEDs features

  • Unique 1 Piece Sensor Construction
  • LED lights can be set to any pattern or sequence
  • Score Data is Sent to any Mobile Device or Computer
  • Score Keeping can be turn On or Off
    Most Importantly...YOUR COMPANY Can Afford the Hit Tracker Score Keeping System


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 Watch the LazerBall Hit Tracker Vest Track Nerf Darts & Nerf Balls!