How to Play Low Impact Paintball

How to Play Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball Games are a lot like playing regular except for these major differences;

  • No Paintball Mess! - Low Impact Paintball Games use Paintless, Reusable Rubber Balls
  • Less Pain - Low Impact Paintball Games use a smaller 50 Caliber Reusable Paintball instead of the 68 Caliber Reusable Paintball, like a ReBall
  • Kid Friendly - Younger age kids can and will play Low Impact Paintball
  • Less Expensive to Play - Low Impact Paintball guns and ammunition cost less to purchase & most Low Impact Paintball Guns do not require expensive CO2 or High Pressure Air refills

Low Impact Paintball Game Goals

The Goals of a Low Impact Paintball Game are very similar to Regular Paintball

  • Try to shoot and hit as many opposing team members as possible
  • Try not to get hit by opposing team members
  • Try to keep moving and have fun

Low Impact Paintball Game Rules and Play (Do's & Don'ts)

The do's

  1. Choose Team Members - Try to pick team members that you can work with and have fun with
  2. Decide how many time a team member can be hit before disqualifying from game play
  3. Issue Low Impact Paintball Guns & Face Protection Masks
  4. Decide how much time a game should have
  5. Brief all team members on Paintball Safety

The Don'ts

  1. Do not to ever lift Face Protection Mask during game play
  2. Do not Shoot any player closer than a distance of 10 feet
  3. No pushing or shoving
  4. No Arguments between players (referee calls are final)

If you would like Electronic Score Keeping that displays all Game Information in Real Time including:

  • every time a player is hit by a Low Impact Paintball
  • where player was hit
  • scores for all players and all teams
  • game time count down and More

Try LazerBall Universal Game Management and Score Keeping System for Low Impact Paintball Games

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