JT Splatmaster Safety Equipment & Gear

JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns use spring power to shoot 50 Caliber Paintballs or 50 Caliber Reusable Low Impact Paintballs  (no buying CO2 refills!)

JT Splatmaster is a Low Impact Paintball Gun specifically designed for Low Impact Paintball Games.

JT Splatmaster Benefits:

  • JT Splatmaster has Lower Impact (Less Pain and Bruising)
  • JT Splatmaster is Specially designed to shoot at lower velocities of 140-160 feet per second (Safer for Younger Paintball Players)
  • JT Splatmaster is Designed to shoot both 50 Caliber Regular Paintballs and 50 Caliber Reusable Paintballs (Reusable Paintless Low Impact Paintballs Can Save Money)
  • JT Splatmaster is Spring Powered (No Buying Expensive CO2 Cartridges....Saves You Money)

LazerBall.com Now Sells -  JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns with or without Splatmaster Auto Loader

We do sell JT Splatmaster Safely Equipment and Reusable Paintballs for JT Splatmaster to make the game Safer and More Economical to Play,

Check Out Our JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns, JT Splatmaster Safety Gear, JT Spatmaster Reusable Paintless Low Impact Paintballs or the exclusive JT Splatmaster Paintball Target Shooting Range.