LazerBall Paintless Paintballs

LazerBall Reusable, Practice Paintballs are:

  • patented
  • soft
  • 68 caliber reusable paintballs
  • can be fired through any standard paintball gun
  • can be reused hundreds of times

LazerBalls are sometimes referred to as paintless paintballs, reusable paintballs or practice balls.

LazerBall is the only patented, reusable, practice paintball on the market !

The patented LazerBall Reusable Practice Paintball formula creates a reusable paintball that can be fired again and again with great accuracy through any standard paintball gun .

How ?

Every LazerBall Paintless Paintball is custom molded to create less barrel drag.

This results in a longer, straighter flight and greatly increased accuracy.

Every LazerBall Reusable Practice Paintball can be fired hundreds of times.

Many LazerBall Practice Paintballs in use today have been fired over 1,000 times.

The unique, patented LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball formula guarantees our Reusable Practice Paintballs will remain softer, pliable and still be shooting straight when other Reusable Paintless Paintballs have shrunk and shriveled like raisins or have gotten hard as a rock.

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