LazerBall Pro Reusable Paintballs

LazerBall "Pro" Reusable Practice Paintball is engineered and manufactured for:

  • hard core paintball practice
  • law enforcement training programs
  • military training exercises

LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear is a reusable practice paintball manufactured by the company that produced the first patented, reusable paintless paintball, the LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball.

What's the real difference between the LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear and the LazerBall "Original"  Reusable Paintless Paintball?

LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear has a tougher shell than the LazerBall "Original"  reusable paintball and is produced especially for hard core training and target practice.

LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear will:

  • Fire through any standard paintball gun !
  • Work with any paintball loading system !
  • Fire without nasty oil for lubrication !
  • Clean up fast !
  • Feed up to 20 balls per second !

And the best part, like all LazerBalls, we will give any paintball team an unconditional, 30 day, money back guarantee!

That means, if you don't like LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear for any reason, send them back.

Now please keep in mind, LazerBall "Pro" Training Gear is not for everyone, just players who require reusable practice paintballs that act just like real paintballs and players that can take a harder hit.

Backyard recreational players might still prefer the softer, the LazerBall Original Reusable Paintball

If you have any questions about LazerBalls, give us a call at 304-893-6286,  drop us an email or Use Our Online Chat.

We will  be glad to help!