LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs - F.A.Q.

This is a List of Frequently Asked Questions about LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs


1. What is the LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball?

The LazerBall was the 1st Reusable Paintless Paintball manufactured and marketed.

The LazerBall is a patented, softer, reusable, paintless paintball that can be fired through all standard paintball gun, hundreds of times.

LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs are manufactured in the standard 68 Caliber Size and the new 50 Caliber Size.


2. What is the recommended firing speed for the LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball?

The recommended firing speed for a Lazerball Paintless Paintball is 200-240 feet per second.


3. How accurate are LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs?

The LazerBall Paintless Paintball is extremely accurate up to 50 feet  when fired at 240 feet per second or under.


4. What is the LazerBall Reusable "Paintless Paintball" Game?

The LazerBall "Paintless Paintball" Game is a "interactive combat game" combining the best aspects of  Laser Tag and Paintball.

The game is fast-paced, with set objectives and played in an arena type setting featuring a full view of the playing field for both players and spectators.


5. What equipment is needed to play a LazerBall Paintless Paintball Game?

All it takes to play LazerBall Paintless Paintball is:

  • standard paintball gun
  • paintball protective face mask
  • patented LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs

To make a LazerBall Play Site more exciting add the LazerSkinz Hit Tracker Vest Score Keeping System!


6. What is a LazerSkinz Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vest ?

  • The LazerSkinz Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vest is a breakthrough Score Keeping Technology exclusively manufactured by LazerBall Industries .
  • The LazerSkinz Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vest is flexible, very light weight and can be installed in clothing that people actually wear such as sweatshirts and jerseys.
  • The LazerSkinz Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vest technology is clothing that actually counts the number of times a reusable paintless paintball or airsoft pellet hits that item of clothing.


7. What is The LazerBall Experience Paintless Paintball Game ?

The LazerBall Experience Paintless Paintball Game is a complete "turnkey" Black Light Paintless Paintball Game with a Sci-Fi Theme played with intense music. (Similiar to a Laser Tag Game but with with No Paintball Mess)

The LazerBall Experience Paintless Paintball Game comes complete with:

  • Revolutionary Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vest
  • 50 Caliber Paintball Gun Package
  • Paintball Safety Equipment
  • LazerBall Bunker System
  • LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintballs
  • Black Light Package
  • Sound System
  • Air Compressor System
  • Safety signage
  • On- site Training and Installation


8. Can You Use LazerBall Paintless Paintballs on an Outdoor Paintball or Reball Play Field?

LazerBall Paintless Paintball can be played in the LazerDome Inflatable Containment Unit.

LazerBall "Outdoor" Paintless Paintball Game has following benefits:

  • was designed as an add-on business for Paintball Fields, Family Entertainment Centers, Indoor Soccer Fields and Roller Rinks
  • allows operators to take advantage of non productive out parcels of land
  • comes complete with Hit Tracker Score Keeping System


9. How do corporate and civic groups respond to LazerBall Paintless Paintball?

LazerBall is a an exciting combination or Laser Tag and Paintball Games and is a great resource for team-building and developing leadership skills.

The detailed Printed Score Card given to each each player at the end of each game is the perfect performance assessment tool.

The best part is with LazerBall there is no paintball mess involved!

Corporate Groups and Civic Groups love the excitement and Team Building Benefits of LazerBall.


10. What square footage is required for an indoor LazerBall Paintless Paintball Play Field?

LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball Play Fields can be installed on a footprint as small as 5000 square feet.

LazerBall Reusable Paintless Paintball Play Fields are always custom designed and built to suit your available space.


11. How much land is required for a LazerBall "Outdoor" paintless paintball play field ?

LazerBall "Outdoor" Play Fields can be installed on an area as small as 50 feet x 100 feet.

Your playfield will be custom designed to suit your anticipated need.


12. How will LazerBall Paintless Paintball affect my established paintball business?

LazerBall doesn’t pretend to be paintball.

LazerBall is the perfect addition to an existing paintball field or other outdoor entertainment venue because of its affordability for both the owner of the facility and their established player base.

LazerBall gives your players the opportunity to use their paintball equipment, even when they can’t always afford to play regular paintball.

This gives you, (the field owner), the opportunity to up sell new gear and service player's equipment.


13. How is a Game of LazerBall Paintless Paintball Priced per game?

Your customer can pay a flat fee to participate in (usually between $10 and $20 ) gets a couple of hours of play time plus an unlimited supply of LazerBall Paintless Paintballs

You can set prices high or lower depending on the time of day and flow of business because you are not paying or buying paintballs. You use LazerBall Paintless Paintballs over and over.


14. What about amateur or professional paintball team players?

What a way to make extra money!

LazerBall Paintless Paintball provides the opportunity for teams to practice more often because of the unlimited use of LazerBall Paintless Paintballs for one set price.

The teams will practice during your off peak hours, which means efficient use of your facility's time.


15. How do parents respond to LazerBall?

Parents love LazerBall Paintless Paintball because the game is safe and exciting.

Most importantly, LazerBall Paintless Paintball is affordable and there is no messy paintball clean up.

LazerBall is great for birthday parties, sports team award parties, and scouting events.

Lazerball is a favorite of large church youth groups and other large groups.

With LazerBall Paintless Paintball, you get a fast and very high push through rate.


16. How much money could an Indoor or Outdoor Paintball Field Owner save per year by switching to LazerBall Paintless Paintballs?

The average indoor paintball field owner using LazerBall Reusalble Paintless Paintballs could save $75,000 to $100,000 per year just by eliminating the purchase of paintballs plus the high clean-up and disposal costs of paintballs .

Remember, LazerBalls can be reused hundreds of times !


17.What kind of repeat business can a family entertainment center, a paintball field, or an amusement park operator count on using a LazerBall Reusable Paintball Game?

LazerBall Paintless Paintball Game can generate steady repeat business because Lazerball generates the same excitement level as a Laser Tag and a Paintball Game ...with out the mess!

The LazerSkinz Score Keeping System gives players the incentive to compare and compete against themselves and other players while trying to better their scores, each time they play.

Not only that, more girls and younger players will play Paintless Paintball because of less bruising and less mess.

If you have any questions about LazerBall Reusable Products or Hit Tracker Score Keeping System.. Call 304-893-6286 or Email Us!   
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