Low Impact Paintball Score Keeping Vests

Low Impact Paintball is Sweeping the Nation!Low Impact Paintball Specialist

Low Impact Paintball Games are perfect for:

  • Younger Players (Regular Paintball is sometimes too rough for younger players)
  • Birthday Parties (Every Kid Has a Birthday, give them an exciting alternative)
  • After Season Team Parties (every Soccer, Baseball and Football Team has an after season party, give them a party that keeps the Team Spirit and Excitement)
  • Corporate Team Build Events and Parties (every company is looking for opportunities give team members fun a event increase & bonding and productivity)

Why Choose LazerBall Low Impact Paintball?

  • Our Game uses 50 Caliber Reusable Low Impact Paintless Paintballs (No Mess, Less Pain if any), No Constant Paintball Replacement)
  • Our Game features affordable Score Keeping Vest System (Very Low Entry Cost, Fast Return on Investment)
  • Our Score Keeping Sytem includes Score Board Program (Displays All Player Info, All Team Info and Game Data to Wide Screen Monitor, phone or Tablet)

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