20 Nerf Score Keeping Vests

20 Nerf Score Keeping Vests


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20 Nerf Score Keeping Vests

Nerf Score Keeping Vest by LazerBall were designed and engineered for Nerf Wars and come in 2 colors combinations:

Nerf War Score Keeping Vests - Black Light

Nerf Score Keeping Vest (Glows Under Black Light)

Nerf War Score Keeping Combat Vest

Nerf Score Keeping Vests (Combat Black with Yellow or Orange Team Team ID)

Nerf Score Keeping Vest Will:

  • Count, Record & Display All Hits by NerfDarts or Nerf Balls
  • Display Game Time and Count Down Time
  • Shoulder Pad LEDs Will Flash After Every Nerf Hit
  • Display all Player & Team Names on Score Board
  • Free Nerf Wars Score Board Program Included...Check Out Score Board

You choose which you think color would work best in your Nerf War business (you get 10 of each color...Total 20 Vests)

If you have any questions about Nerf War Score Keeping Call 304-893-6289 or Email Us

You Need To Know!...All LazerBall Nerf Wars Score Keeping Vests also can be used for Score Keeping in Reusable Paintball Games, Reball Games, Bazooka Ball Games and Airsoft Games!...These Score Keeping Vests are Universal!