\"Lite\'em Up\" Nerf Shooting Target

"Lite'em Up" Nerf Shooting Target


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"Lite'em Up" Nerf Shooting Target

The Lite'em Up Nerf Target is and electronic Score Keeping Target designed especially to count and record hits form Nerf Balls and Nerf Darts.

The Lite em Up Nerf Shooting Target features:

  • Easy Set up
  • Can Use virtually anywhere
  • Scores display on phone, tablet or computer
  • Very Light Weight
  • Super Brite LED Flash Every Time Target is HIt

We are changing the way Nerf is Played!

Check Out the Demo for Nerf Shooting Target Game

If You Have a Question about the LazerBall Nerf Score Keeping Target... Give us a call at 304-893-6286 or Send your question by Email, We are here the help!

 Watch the LazerBall Nerf Target...We used Nerf StrongArm Gun & Darts!