Nerf Wars Equipment

Nerf Wars EquipmentNerf Wars Equipment

LazerBall sells Nerf Wars Equipment

The Nerf Wars Score Keeping Vest can change an average Nerf Wars game from Good to Spectacular.

Score Keeping Vests are essential Nerf Wars Equipment.

LazerBall's Nerf Wars Score Keeping System features a Score Keeping Vest that:

  • Counts and Records all Hits by a Nerf Ball or Nerf Dart (no more arguing about who was hit or not)
  • Displays all Nerf Score Keeping Info on Wide Screen Monitor, lap top, phone or tablet (lets everyone know the score)
  • Fits like Bullet Proof Vest
  • Comes in Black Light Colors or Black with vercro attachable IDs
  • LED Lighted Shoulder Pads (blink every time Nerf player is hit)
  • Come with Nerf Wars Score Board Program

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