Paintball Playfields Using Reusable Paintballs

Did you know ?

Setting up a Paintball Playfield Using LazerBall Reusable Paintballs can add $50,000 a year to the bottom line of your existing amusement facility?

The Paintball Playfield using Reusable Paintballs can be a great add-on attraction to:

  • Paintball Fields
  • Roller Rinks
  • Laser tag Arenas
  • Amusement Parks
  • Family Entertainment Centers

You can add this kind of income to you family entertainment center in only 3 days a week Without:

  • the high cost and maintenance of tired laser tag systems
  • without the nasty mess of real paintball

A Paintball Playfield using Reusable Paintballs can be your next big attraction!

If You own:

  • an Indoor Paintball Field and are just plain tired of the mess it creates and the expense of keeping it up
  • an aging Laser Tag Arena
  • 2-3000 square feet of valuable unused retail floor space

The LazerBall Experience Reusable Paintball Playfield could be the entertainment addon you've been looking for.

The LazerBall Experience Paintless Paintball Field gives your customers the best of paintball with out the mess.

When you hit ‘em, they know it but there’s no bruising and no nasty mess!

And remember, LazerBall reusable paintballs can be fired through any standard paintball gun, hundreds of times !

The LazerBall Experience is

  • great for booking corporate groups
  • ideal for booking civic organizations
  • perfect for birthday parties
  • a great draw for tourists in resort area
  • fantastice for paintball teams to hold practice sessions

Each LazerBall Experience paintless paintball field includes:

  • custom designed to fit your exacting needs
  • LazerSkinz paintball score keeping system
  • paintball gun package
  • all safety equipment
  • LazerBall Bunker System
  • safety signage
  • signage
  • compressor
  • on site training
  • complete installation

If you have any Questions about LazerBall Reusable Paintballs or the Hit Tracker System or adding LazerBall to your Family Entertainment Center, give us a call at 304-893 6286, Send your question by Email or Use our Live Support.

We are here the help!

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