Paintless Paintball Game Systems

LazerBall Reusable "Paintless" Paintball Games were designed to be used in Family Entertainment Centers, Roller Skating Rinks, Indoor Soccer Facilities & Reball Fields.

Each LazerBall Paintless Paintball Game System:

  • is Easy to Set Up & Take Down (completely portable)
  • uses 50 Caliber Reusable Paintballs (less bruising & no mess)
  • uses Electronic Score Keeping Vests (works just like Laser Tag)
  • helps your business take full advantage of the demand for Paintball & Laser Tag Games

Take a close look at LazerBall Reusable "Paintless"Paintball....It just could be the additional profit center you have been looking for!

This is the New Profit Center you are looking for!

Paintless Paintball for Family Entertainment, Roller Rinks, Indoor Soccer

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