500 68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs

500 68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs


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500, 68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs

LazerBall Paintless Paintballs

  • are 68 Caliber
  • are sold in bags of 500
  • shoot like Reballs
  • less costly
  • an be fired 100's of times.

Lazerball 68 Caliber Paintless Paintballs:

  • are softer than ReBalls
  • can be shot by any paintball gun

Like all LazerBall reusable paintball products, All 68 Caliber LazerBall Paintless Paintballs have an Unconditional, 30 Day, No B.S. Money Back Guarantee!

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Reusable, Paintless, Rubber, Paintball Target