Reball Practice Paintball Hype

What's all the hype going on about Reball Reusable "Practice" Paintballs these days?

Reballs cost you a butt load of money because they are used by all the Pro Paintball Players (so they say anyway).

Remember one thing about all the Reball hype, they (the pro paintball players) are paid to promote their product (reballs) and because they are paid endorsements, the average player just can't afford Reballs.

Our design and promotion guys came up with a novel idea - 

How about making a Reusable Practice Paintball for hard core paintball practice and paintball training drills that the average guy can actually afford.

Instead of just screwing them!

LazerBall Pro  Reusable Paintballs cost about 1/2 the price Reball is charging

LazerBall Pro Reusable Practice Paintballs actually shoots just like a paintball and can go through any loader.

Charging 1/2 the price Reballs  are charging will give every one a break and put practice back where it belongs, within all players and teams reach!

That just makes sense!

Want to Know the Best Part?...We Believe in LazerBall "PRO" Reusable Paintballs so much, We will give You and Your team a 30 day,100%, Unconditional, No B.S., Satisfaction Guarantee!

What this means to You and Your team is this, if for any reason You don't like LazerBall Reusable Practice Paintballs, send them back and we will send your money back, no questions asked!

If you have any questions about LazerBall Pro Reusable Paintballs... Call 304-893-6286 or Email Us!   
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