20 Reball Score Keeping Vest System

20 Reball Score Keeping Vest System


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20 Reball Score Keeping Vests & Game Mangagement System will:

  • Count and record all hits to upper body by Reball or Reusable PaintballReBall Score Vests
  • Display the exact number of times a player was hit by a Reball or Reusable Paintball
  • Display exactly where the Reball player was hit
  • display every player's score
  • Display both team's score
  • Print score cards for every player
  • New - Shoulder Lights Up with Bright LEDs when vest is hit

If you play Reball or Reusable Paintball or own a Reball or Reusable Paintball Play Field, this will change the game.

Players will not question;

  • Who got hit with a reball
  • Where they were hit by a reball
  • How many times they were hit by a reball

Hit Tracker Score Keeping Vests for Reball Score Keeping can be manfuactured in a Variety of Colors! If You have a Black Light Enviroment...Let us Know..We have Black Light Activated Score Keeping Vest too!

If you have any Questions about the Reball Score Keeping Vest System... Call 304-893-6286 or Email Us!   
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You Need To Know!...All LazerBall Keeping Vests for Reball also can be used for Score Keeping in Games of Nerf, Bazooka Ball and Airsoft!...These Score Keeping Vests are Universal!